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A customised t-shirt requires a lot of thought process. Because you are not just ordering it for the sake of wearing it; you are investing in the t-shirt which will contain your favourite design and make an impression amongst your peers. 

To make your job easy while ordering a customised t-shirt, we have come up with some tips and tricks. Without further ado, good luck.

  • The Colour Web
  • When it comes to customised t-shirts, the primary factor to take care of is the colour. Make sure your design, while contrasting, also compliments the colour of your t-shirt. It is best not to go with different shades of the same colours as the t-shirt, while on the other hand you can almost never go wrong with neutrals like Black, White and Grey.

  • Clear the Cluster
  • It is a fact that too many ideas invade the mind while designing a t-shirt. But the trick for a suave t-shirt is to keep it clean and if possible, minimal. You do not want to add too many elements that the end result does not show the customisation you want to show.

    1. Font by the Book

    If you are going to be printing quotes or catchphrases, it’s better to follow the textbook rules of typography which is to not use more than three different fonts. While one font may emit a monotone look, two to three fonts show a funky and creative side of the design. 

  • Resolving Resolutions
  • Images may be the trickiest to print seeing how in most cases, the print does not appear to be the same as the image. Avoid that by providing as high resolution images as possible. You have no idea what difference a change in pixels can make.

  • Tales of the Thread
  • It may not seem so but the fabric of the t-shirt too plays an important role while customising it. While natural fabrics like cotton is the popular choice, fabricated materials too, hold a reputation when it comes to printing. So, make sure to choose the right one as you do not want the ink to disappear or worse, splay.  

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